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Mobile Software: TellMeText


TellMeText intercepts incoming SMS (text) messages to your Windows Mobile device and reads them out to you before they go to your inbox. This can be really useful in situations where you have your phone but can't or don't want to physically touch it to read incoming messages. (For example, if you're driving a car or eating your lunch).

TellMeText can run in the background so it doesn't interfere with your normal use of the device.

The TextToSpeech functionality is provided by software from the Flite project.

TellMeText requires priviliged access to your device in order to intercept the SMS messages. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you download and install BlondieSoft's Windows Mobile Certificates first.

TellMeText Screenshot

Supported Devices:Any Windows Mobile Smartphone Edition 2003SE or later; Any Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition 2003SE or later; Any Windows Mobile 6 Standard or Professional.
Version:1.1.0 (Version History)
Download (app only):Here
Download (app + cert):Here

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