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Mobile Software: TellMeText Documentation

General Information
  • Before you begin, we strongly recommend that you install the BlondieSoft Mobile Certificates. Otherwise the software may not have the necessary privileges to work properly.
  • After you have installed TellMeText, it should appear as an item in your Programs menu. Simply select the icon to start.
  • From within the application window, you can launch an options menu to enable/disable SMS reading while TellMeText is running, launch the About page, Minimize the application or close it.
  • If enabled, TellMeText will still read out SMS messages when minimized.
  • If disabled or not running, TellMeText will not read out SMS messages.

Reading other languages
  • TellMeText uses an English voice for its speech synthesis, using software from the Flite project. It won't work very well with other languages (although you are welcome to try it!)
  • As far as we know, there are no other freely-available language voices for Flite.
  • It is theoretically possible to convert Festival/FestVox voices to work with Flite. However, this would appear to be a fair amount of work. More importantly, all of the other voices that we have found seem to be released under the terms of the GPL. Since we would be linking their code into our own software, we understand that this would require us to release our own code under the GPL as well, which we do not currently intend to do.
  • So, for the time being, at least, TellMeText will only be able for English.
  • If you have details of a non-English Flite (or Festival/FestVox) which is freely available without any restrictive licence then please let us know and we'll consider using it.

Controlling from the command line

If you want to launch TellMeText in a specific mode, or set the mode of a running instance, you can pass arguments through the command line. Commands sent to a running instance will be ignored if it is currently in the Options screen or the About screen.

ActionDescriptionTextFlagSupported Versions
MinimizeStarts TellMeText in minimized mode or minimizes the current running instance.MINIMIZE0x0001Since 1.1.0
EnableStarts TellMeText in enabled mode or enables the current running instance.ENABLE0x0010Since 1.1.0
DisableStarts TellMeText in disabled mode or disables the current running instance.DISABLE0x0020Since 1.1.0
QuitQuits the current running instance.QUIT0x1000Since 1.1.0

  • Use either multiple Text argument or a single Flag argument. You can't use both types at the same time. Unknown Text/Flags will be ignored. Running TellMeText without any command line arguments will launch it in normal display mode with the previous enabled/disabled setting.
  • To combine Text arguments, simply include them in any order on the command line: eg TellMeText.exe MINIMIZE ENABLE will start TellMeText in minimized mode and force it to be enabled. We recommend that you surround multiple Text arguments with "" marks.
  • To combine Flag arguments, combine the numbers into one hexadecimal number: eg TellMeText.exe 0x0021 will start TellMeText in minimized mode and force it to be disabled.
  • Note, it is possible to send both Enable and Disable actions using either Text or Flag arguments. This doesn't make much sense so the Disable action is ignored in this case.

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